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Global Bio Gardens
Join us and think global.

An autonomous, multicultural, sustainable, socially inclusive project at the University of Erfurt

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Organic farming for everyone

Global Bio Gardens is an organic garden project where organic, demeter certified seeds, supplied by Annegret Rose, are used in producing food for members of the project. Participants of this project have diverse backgrounds. They are students, working professionals and families from more than ten countries. They create a unique bonding experience learning from each other.


Social engagements


GBG is also a platform used by international students to develop their own start up projects. As of now two other projects use GBG space in realizing their ideas. Apart from this, the garden also entertains the kindergarten children from the KITA on campus. They have their small garden at the entrance of GBG. GBG is open to not only student gardening enthusiasts but to others who share the same sentiments towards diversity and organic farming.


Multicultural and socially inclusive

The participant group is higly diverse in nature. The common thread which connects the group is food. The farming techniques and cuisines in their home countries are topics often discussed. GBG can be considered an Integrative platform where learning about other cultures enables the participants to understand each other more.

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Contact person: Dr. Fred Meier-Menzel, Alfred-Weber-Platz 2, 99089 Erfurt, Germany

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