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A new chapter in the journey, at Lindenberger Strasse 89, (between Hohenschönhausen and Wartenberg opposite the former LPG area) we managed to find a space to start a new garden project with the help of Mr. Josef, who is a chicken farmer. He had offered us half a hectare of land attached to his chicken farm. At present, we would like to start as a small initiative (Anastasia Steinbrunner, Georgy Varghese, and Dr. Meier-Menzel). We are in touch with a school nearby, Schule am Breiten Luch, to inquire about migrant families who would like to join the initiative.   

In this process, we invite you to assist us in finding deserving members (we wish to offer this service to migrants, especially families, who are not in a position to afford a garden) and assistance concerning tools, and similar things required for the start of the project.   

At the core, we wish to encourage individuals to produce their own food for kitchen use. Of course, a hundred percent is not possible given the current societal lifestyle. We use the concept of food security to enable individuals to understand how food is produced and empower them by enabling them to be part of this process. Even if twenty percent is procured through such an effort, this individual is reducing his or her carbon footprint. Furthermore, the ability to cultivate food in itself could be an empowering process. At GBG we always strive to do this process in a multicultural environment and reduce the societal stress between different migrant groups by providing a platform for them to get to know in the process of farming.  

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